Good Friday, April 18 – Open from 11 am to 3.30

Saturday, April 19 – Open from 11 am to 6 pm

Easter Sunday, April 20:  Closed!

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Mother’s Day – May 11, 2014

Afternoon Tea Tier 1We’re in full-blown planning mode for Mother’s Day 2014.  We love this day – families are happy, moms get a well-deserved break and, if Mother Nature co-operates, everyone enjoys a beautiful Spring day.  This year, we are offering 3 seatings with a prix-fixe Afternoon Tea Service at each seating.  The entire day is by reservation only.  Here are the details:

Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, 2014

3 Seatings:  11 am  / 1 pm / 3 pm

Afternoon Tea Service only – Assorted Tea Sandwiches, Petite Scones, Dessert, Tea

$26/person excluding Tax & Gratuity

Reserve early in person at the Tea Room or by calling 914 332 8515 or by e-mailing us.  Please remember, we fill up quickly!  And yes, we will have a Free Gift for every Mom!

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Organic – what it is

USDA_seal_colorJust about every day, we get a question on what is Organic.  Isn’t natural the same as Organic?  How do I know if it is Organic?  What is the big deal about Organics – isn’t it all the same?  Yesterday, The Organic Trade Association (of which we are a Member) published a quiz which gives you a much clearer picture of the benefits of choosing Organic.  Our policy is – make informed decisions.  Read how animals are treated, know how milk gets to the supermarket shelf, understand the difference between natural and organic and then make your choices.  Please take the quiz.  It may surprise you.  To learn more, read Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma or visit the Organic Center.

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Contest Winners

thYIDELZXZWe ran a Contest this month that asked you to tell us why you enjoyed tea and the name of your favorite tea.  Here are our favorite responses:

1st Prize to Diane – Scone with Clotted Cream & a 2-cup Pot of Tea at Silver Tips, Monday – Friday:

I drink tea because it improves the quality of my life…it is something soothing, quieting, and warm.  Drinking coffee is just drinking coffee, but drinking tea is an event!  I am known for loving tea, having tea parties, and visiting tearooms anywhere I travel in the US or abroad….Drinking tea satisfies the part of me that wants to slow down sometimes.  On a Saturday when I don’t have to jump up and rush off somwhere, I can make a pot of tea, and crawl back into bed to catch up on TV shows.  Drinking tea satisfies the social and artistic side of me.  I can sit and drink tea and engage in conversation with friends and family.  At least once a year I throw a tea party, and the artist in me spends hours arranging and rearranging the table until it is just perfect.  Mismatched china cups, each with a story, plates, tablecloths, place cards, serving utensils…And I always try to educate my guests about tea…I guess the teacher in me never truly retires!  Tea gives me a little extra start in the morning, and it helps me get through the afternoon when I am starting to drag.  It brings me happiness to try new varieties or enjoy old favorites.  It helps me to think, clears my mind and allows me to relax with a good book.  It keeps me healthy through cold and flu season, and makes me feel better if I catch something anyway.  I truly believe that it helps my heart stay strong and my blood pressure low.  Tea is my natural sedative, my pick-me up, problem solver, head clearer, cure all and old friend.  

2nd Prize to Louise- 2 ounces of your favorite Silver Tips tea:

I drink tea because it makes me feel a link to all the women in my family who have gone before me. My favorite tea is Silver Tips Breakfast, always with a little sugar and in a tea cup.

3rd Prize to Caroline – a Hunter Green 4 oz. Canister:

I drink tea because it hugs my insides better than anything else.  After the first cup, a happy calmness washes over me, starting or ending the day on a perfect note…It is seriously better than some antidepressants.

Other responses we enjoyed:

I drink tea because: TEA is Trendy & Timeless / TEA is Elegant & Eclectic / TEA is Aromatic & Adventurous.

I drink tea because it is soothing and relaxing.  Plus I go with friends and make it a day!  I especially love to chat with Jacque (the highlight of the day)!

I drink tea because the aroma and flavor of my mid-morning cuppa immediately relaxes me and chases away the inevitable insanity of the day for a few moments.

I drink tea because I LOVE your Makaibari Autumnal tea!  It’s a relaxing, soothing tea that “unstresses” me.

Thank you to all who participated.  We loved hearing from you and will be coming back with other contests during the year.  Each of the winners will be notified separately by e-mail so you can collect your prizes!



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Why People Hold On to Stuff

thUYAD021DOur very good friend (and customer) Marcia Sloman is a Professional Organizer and yes, we all need one now and then.  Here is a very informative blog she recently wrote for Psychology Today.  You can also visit her site and avail yourself of her excellent services.  She has helped companies and individuals and handled all manner of issues.

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