Silver Tips Tea recognized by the Chamber

IMG_1230We were honored this morning at the Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce meeting with a plaque for achieving 15 years in business.  The meeting was at The Castle Hotel & Spa, a beautiful venue.  The Fred Astaire Dance Studio and Grape Expectations were also celebrating their 15 years like us.  As great as it was to receive this honor, it was quite awe-inspiring to be in the company of other, historic businesses who had achieved truly remarkable milestones.   Among them were 55 years for Allan Block Insurance whom we use ourselves for our business insurance, 85 years for the Warner Library where we will be doing a Tea Tasting in the Spring, 125 years for the Historical Society and a whopping 165 years for the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  We are so fortunate being in the Northeast, in New York State, and, in particular, in Westchester county, where the past and history is still very much alive.  Thanks to the Chamber and for all the townspeople of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow who have supported us and all our fellow businesses over the years.

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Feedback from a Wholesale Customer..

j0105220This came along with an order:

I wanted to be sure to mention that I really appreciate that you almost always instantly return my emails, even at odd hours, for silly questions.  It counts, thank you.

And when I responded with a Thank you, he added more:

I tell my help – I have 3 rules:

  1. Always be friendly
  2. Always be helpful
  3. Always be honest

And you are a good example of that policy.

Something to ponder and learn from – and it made my day, of course.  Thank you, Bob.

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Our Staff – Natalie



Here’s the 2nd in our series highlighting our Staff.

Natalie’s been with us for about 1.5 years and is one of our very knowledgeable Servers.  Although she lives locally in Tarrytown, she went to Tulane University in New Orleans and majored in Art History.   I hired Natalie for her congenial personality – friendly, helpful and easy to get along with.  And not too many people tell you during their interview that one of the things they enjoy is going to the Zoo.  How could you not love that?  She is another one of our staff with varied interests:

Here’s what excites her about her job at Silver Tips:

Natalie loves trying all the different teas and teaching people something about Tea that they did not know. By the way, it was Natalie’s idea to offer Pumpkin Chai at the Tea Room.  Ask for it!

What does she do when she’s not at Silver Tips:

She is currently going to school to study Art Conservation and in addition to this, she holds down a second job at Washington Irving’s Estate, Sunnyside.

Here’s something personal about her:

In addition to her interest in art, she loves caring for animals.  Her dream in life is to work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art as an Art Conservator.

Be sure to introduce yourself to Natalie next time you see her.  We’re fortunate to have her and perhaps when she’s at her dream job at the Museum in the future, she will give us free passes to see the great exhibits!  Thanks for all you do, Natalie.natalie 2

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Our Staff – Annalisa



We have great people.  I hire for attitude and who they are.  I tell them we can teach them all about Tea but I can’t teach them how to be nice.  That they must bring to the party.  I look for a well-adjusted person, someone who is open, a little bit genteel, no rough edges, someone who is naturally kind, optimistic and is not defined by their work but who they are.  Because it is a workplace, I also want someone who does not thrive on drama. Responsibility, punctuality, hard work – these we consider the basic price of entry. We’ve got a great crew at Silver Tips and I thought you would enjoy knowing them better.  We’ll feature several of our staff, off and on, no special order, starting with one of our Managers, Annalisa:

Here’s what excites her about her job at Silver Tips:
Annalisa loves introducing people to new teas and interacting with customers.  She is a Manager and works full-time at Silver Tips.
What does she do when she’s not at Silver Tips?
She is one of the busiest people I know and is currently going to school for a degree in Social Work.  In addition, she completed a rigorous training program to be a Volunteer for victim advocacy and is now a hospital advocate for a victim’s assistance agency.  As if this weren’t enough, she baby-sits locally for a family with two adorable, small children.  She has many side talents and last year, we gave her a table at the Tea Room to show off her skills as a professional make-up artist.  
Here’s something personal about her:
One of Annalisa’s goals in life is to volunteer abroad.  

We’re lucky to have her!  Be sure to say Hello to Annalisa the next time you visit us.  She’s there 5 days a week – chances are you will run into her!

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More Comments from our Customers

GENERIC COMMENTTwo Comment Cards found in our Comment Box this week:

“I like how people always say hello to you!  The food is really good.  Everyone likes it in my family.”

“The food is always good.  I always enjoy it and it’s never a different taste.”

Well, thank you!  We strive for consistency and glad to know it shows.

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