One good turn deserves another

kindness mattersOne of our fairly regular customers came in last week to let us know that her packet of Blackcurrant loose leaf tea had no flavor.  This was surprising to us since it is one of our strong & true flavors and had always performed to expectation.  Our servers sampled it and found nothing wrong.  Nevertheless, they offered the customer a replacement bag of tea at no cost, Kenilworth, Ceylon OP.  The customer repeatedly offered to return the Blackcurrant tea to us but our policy for Loose Leaf tea is that all sales are final.   A few days go by and the customer is back!  She explains to us apologetically that she had not realized that her homeopathic medication had affected her taste buds and she only figured this out when she put a spoon of peanut butter in her mouth and could taste nothing!  In her outstretched hands was the money to pay for the Kenilworth Ceylon tea.  She re-iterated that there was indeed nothing wrong with our Blackcurrant tea.  Our servers told her to enjoy the Blackcurrant and Kenilworth and both teas were on us.  Life came full circle at us – we did a nice thing for our customer and she returned the favor by delighting us.  As we often say,  Kindness Matters.

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Orders, big and small

MAKAIBARI 1ST FLUSHSaturday afternoon and my phone rings and a lovely woman tells me that although she is on our website, she is a ‘dinosaur’ and is reluctant to put her credit card online and would I take her order on the phone.  Well, of course I did.  She asked for the 2014 Makaibari 1st Flush She had ordered last year’s 1st flush with me just about one year ago and she was delighted that I remembered  her.  After taking her order, she said, “Thank you so much for taking the time to accept such a small order“.  I assured her – we welcomed all orders and we wanted nothing more than Makaibari to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.  Made my day!

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Jam or Jelly?

scones 2Our very popular Scones are served with Crème Fraiche and Preserves.  We chose “Preserves” over Jam and you will see why in this handy little explanation sheet recently published in the Specialty Food Magazine:

  • Conserve:  Thick, chunky spread cooked with dried fruits and nuts.
  • Fruit butter:  Creamy, smooth, often opaque spread made from sugar and fruit that is slow-cooked.
  • Jam:  A thick mixture of fruit, sugar and pectin that is boiled quickly until the fruit is soft.
  • Jelly:  A clear but firm spread made from fruit juice, sugar, pectin and citric acid;  can be made with ingredients other than fruit such as herbs, flowers, vegetables, liqueurs or tea.
  • Marmalade:  A spread made from citrus, including the peel, containing no pectin and cooked for a long time.
  • Preserve:  Jelly that contains chunks of fruit.  Yes, ours has chunks of strawberries!
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Closed Friday, July 4th.  Happy Independence Day!

Open Saturday & Sunday, July 5th & 6th:  11 am to 6 pm

4th of july

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Kitchen Rules

working in a kitchenMy nephew is a Chef in Toronto, Canada and we share similar interests about the food business – its rewards, its travails, its satisfactions and the misunderstood romantic notion surrounding it.  Recently, he posted a great article on things about working in a kitchen that I found amusing – here it is!  The comment about missing a shift ONLY if you’re in jail, the hospital or dead rings true – we laugh about this all the time.

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