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At least once a year, we survey our Tea Room customers for their opinion.  We ask them all kinds of things – do they have a Loyalty Card, do they know we cater, how often do they visit, do they know we have a website?  Some of the answers are what we expected but some were eye-openers and help us make changes.

Here are the highlights from our most recent survey:

  •  15% of our customers visit us once a week.  About 40% visit us once a month.
  • Nearly 70% come for Lunch while 30% come for a Scone or Dessert.  Just about everyone orders a pot of Tea.
  • We were delighted to know that 65% of our respondents already carried our Loyalty Card.
  • Although a significant number knew we had a website, our other online presence was less familiar – Facebook, Blog.
  • 20% said they had no interest in our online presence – which is fine with us – we love seeing you in person!
  • Not too many customers knew about our Catering, Private Party opportunities or Small Group Tea Tastings.
  • We got high marks for cleanliness and quality of service.
  • 90% of our Customers said they would have no hesitation in recommending us to others.

We love hearing from you whether through our Survey, our Comment Cards which are always at the Tea Room, in person or via e-mail.

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Growth of Tea in the U.S.

CIMG1223We read yesterday that Packaged Facts, a market research firm, projected sales of tea in the US to reach $25 billion in 2014.  Let’s put that in terms we can all understand – on any given day, over half the American population drinks tea.  The South and Northeast have the greatest concentration of tea drinkers.  Approx. 80 – 85% of the consumption is still Iced Tea.  Although Ready-To-Drink Tea has grown 15-fold in the last 10 years, the research study concluded that this category will remain flat in the coming year.  Areas of growth would be food service, Chai tea, coffee establishments and innovative marketing.  Despite the increased awareness and popularity of Green Tea, Black tea continues to be the #1 seller among all categories.  We see that too.  We track our best-sellers every month and, inevitably, Black teas predominate – here are some fun facts:

In the past 30 days, our top online sellers were

  • Makaibari Darjeeling Black Tea
  • Assam Black Tea
  • Victoria’s cup – Organic Breakfast
  • Tiger Hill – Nilgiri Black
  • English Breakfast

Of the most popular ordered teas at the Tea Room – we notice that Spring Jasmine, Green Dew and Flowering Green Teas make it to the top 10 most months though still trailing in volume to Black Teas.  However it breaks down, we’re delighted to see the growth in Tea.


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Popularity Tea Contest – Play Along – Win Free Tea!

At the Tea Room, we carry about 150 Loose Leaf Teas.  These cover the full range – Black, Green, Oolong, White, Flavored, Scented, Decaf, Rooibos & Herbals.  Over the years, we’ve increased our teas to a maximum of 175 and realized that it not only confused the customers but that our servers could never satisfactorily offer the full range so 150 became the magic number.  Amazingly, in any given month, almost 85- 95% of this astonishing variety gets ordered, even if just once.

We tallied the most popular teas ordered in a recent month and we’d like to see if you can rank the top 6 in the correct order with the most popular first.    Here are the top 6 for you to rank – just click here :

FINAL Tea Contest Aug



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Organic Golden Yunnan

ORG GOLDEN YUNNANA good China Yunnan is a very well-kept secret.  Assams are well-known but  its not-so distant cousin Yunnan gets much less respect.  Not so in our Tea Room where our golden-tipped Yunnan has an extremely loyal following.  Yunnan in China is just across the border from Northeast India where Assam is located.  Not surprising, therefore, that the teas are a bit similar.  Yunnans are creamy, earthy and the premier grades have a deep chocolate note that is indulgent.  Great Yunnans have a profusion of gold tips and go by names such as Royal Golden Yunnan, Yunnan Imperial or Gold Tip Yunnan.  They are also called Dianghong in China and hence our name for it  - Dian Black.  The region is known for ancient trees, some growing to great heights with tall tea trees sometimes being mistaken for forests.  Women climb to pluck the tea leaves.   You will know a good Yunnan from the brightness of the dry leaf and tips as well as the richness of the cup.  Here is our new lot just being introduced and it’s a winner!  This is authentic Golden Yunnan, Certified Organic as well as Fair Trade.

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Customer Comments from our Comment Box

COMMENT CARD BOXWe have an old-fashioned Comment Box at the Tea Room which allows customers to leave their feedback.  It could be a Comment, Compliment or a Complaint.  Thankfully, most are compliments but occasionally we do receive complaints.  Yesterday, I discovered two complimentary comment cards:

First Card:  I find this Tea Room to be very pleasant and we love coming.  The staff is very friendly and I love the variety of teas available.  Among my favorites are the soups and quiches.  Always a pleasure to come to this Tea Room.  I also love the desserts.

Second Card:  I always look forward to enjoying tea and treats at your Tea Room.  The staff is very kind and helpful and clearly very knowledgeable of their tea.  What a wonderful, homey and cozy environment.  I am big about the enjoyment and appreciation of simple pleasures like tea time.  Every visit really is a treat!  Thanks so much for having this tea room!  God Bless!

We truly appreciate the time taken to write these.  Our motto is “Silver Tips Tea….Every Visit a Treat!” and how thoughtful that they noticed.

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