Tea Tasting Sessions coming up

tea tasting flyer

Here’s an opportunity to learn something new, taste different teas and make new friends.  The evening will include a brief talk on Tea – what it is, how it is grown, all its health benefits and, of course, the perfect way to steep and store it.  That will be followed by a guided tasting of 4 – 6 teas.  A question and answer period will allow you to satisfy your curiosity about tea.  Who knows, we may even have a Quiz!  Light refreshments will be included, both to cleanse your palate between teas as well as to stave off any hunger pangs after a work day!  Sign up early – we have limited seats and this is by reservation only.

To reserve, call the Tea Room at 914 332 8515


e-mail events@silvertipstea.com


Our Staff – Martha


My good friend, Donna, kept mentioning she had a neighbor that I had to interview.  I paid it no mind thinking that casual interactions with fellow apartment building dwellers were probably not the best basis on which to make a hire. Then, a couple of years ago, I had an opening and along with other candidates, I decided I may as well interview her.  And that’s how Martha came our way.  She joined us, saw what was needed and took over.  In her first week, she said she was so excited that she was dreaming about Tea!  Her excitement still remains.  With a calm energy and focus, Martha gets through an enormous quantity of work each day and keeps the wheels oiled and all the parts running smoothly.  She is my liaison with all the employees, both at the office and at the Tea Room.  She is equal parts Mother Superior and Mother Hen but with an efficiency and keen sense of customer care.  I joke that most of my life is following up – with vendors, customers, managers.  Not so with Martha – assign something to her and it just gets done and done right the first time.  Martha has a busy life and I marvel at the way she successfully balances all of it.  Here is an insight into her life and thoughts.  I hope there never comes a day when our organization has to run without her.  We are a better company because of her.

What excites you about your job?

It is an ongoing learning experience, both challenging and rewarding. I’ve learned that “Tea” is not just a three letter word, it is an experience.

Martha and Harley
Martha and Harley

What do you do when you’re not working?

I spend time with my family, friends & my BFF puppy Harley. I enjoy old black and white movies on Sunday mornings with a cup of tea in bed in my pajamas, cooking and baking!

Tell us something personal about yourself.

I am a mother. My boys have been my inspiration especially my youngest Michael, who is now 21 with Autism. Though it is challenging, I have learned unconditional love, patience, compassion and understanding. We are all born with “Gifts” and the gifts I’ve learned from my son have made me the person I am today. I lost my oldest son Nicholas a few years ago and learned that life is really too short. It changes in a second. My courage and strength come from him. I have learned from my son Steven that you should feel the fear and do it anyway. My crazy adventurous side comes from him. I value my friends like family & am a big believer in always paying it forward.

Labor Day Closing

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We’re taking a few days off – please come in before then!

OPEN all week Monday, Aug. 31 through Friday, September 4.

CLOSED Saturday through Tuesday, September 5th through 8th.

Re-opening for Breakfast, Wednesday, September 9th at 9.30 am.


Quiche added to our Breakfast Menu

Goat Cheese with Herbs Breakfast Quiche

We began our Breakfast service about a month ago and it’s so gratifying to see the support we’ve been given by both new and our regular customers.  It seems this has also provided convenience to so many who had been unable to get their Loose Leaf Tea during our prior shorter business hours.  Additionally, we’ve been getting some nice coverage from local press.  Today, our friends at WAG magazine sent us a link to their article.  A big thanks to them and to the Hudson Independent for spreading the word.  We just added Quiche to the Breakfast Menu in addition to our Croissant Sandwiches.  And it’s still a novelty for us to serve a cup of Coffee…although Tea continues to dominate by a wide margin!  Come in for Breakfast – Monday to Friday, 9.30 – 11 am!