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Tea – it’s not just for drinking any more.  You can even cook with it.  In fact our wholesale company, Eco-Prima Tea, provides teas to several restaurants around the country for recipes in their menus.  Lapsang Souchong is a favorite for its smoky note as are Oolong and Ceylon.  One restaurant buys two grades of Ceylon from us and has us label one as “Cooking Ceylon”.  We thought you could have some fun using Tea in different ways so we’ve put together a Recipe Book and given you some guidance on what teas go best with these recipes.  Be creative, experiment and come up with your own.  Our Pinterest page has a whole Board that we’ve called ‘Drink your tea & eat it too’ and you can get ideas here as well.  Meanwhile, enjoy our recipe book and share your recipes and tips with us.  Download your Free copy here.

Silver Tips Tea Recipe Book

Silver Tips Tea Recipe Book

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Our wonderful customers…

j0105220Received in our e-mail inbox this week:

I ate at your restaurant this afternoon.  I inadvertently neglected to leave a tip.  I was preoccupied with another matter.  I apologize.  I will send a check to the restaurant for the tip.

Isn’t that wonderful?  We are blessed to have such great customers.  Thank you.



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Makaibari tea sold at record-breaking price – & we have some!

1st flush leavesMakaibari Tea Estate pioneered the manufacture of hand-crafted Darjeeling Silver Tips tea about 20 years ago.  Since then, small batches of very carefully made lots have been offered and snatched up at record-breaking prices all over the world.  A few years ago, it sold for $1800/kg. at the Beijing Tea Auctions.  This week, that was topped by the offering of an exclusive 20 kg. lot which was procured by 3 buyers – one in the UK, one in Japan and ourselves here in the US for the record-breaking price of $1850/kg. which is approx. $841/lb.  We will be offering it by the ounce as soon as it is available here.  This is Certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade, from the oldest garden in Darjeeling.  Eco-Prima Tea is the wholesale arm of Silver Tips Tea which is located in Tarrytown, NY.

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Makaibari tea enriching lives of children

A wonderful organization in Italy promotes health and friendship to Japanese children through curative vacations.  It is called Orto dei Sogni and a special project is dedicated to children of Fukushima in Japan.  The organization links host Italian families with Japanese children.  Recognizing that there are significant cultural differences between the two countries, they design projects so that each child experiences an environment that provides a calm, safe and healthy vacation.  Tea drinking is, of course, an integral part of Japanese culture and a little known fact is that Makaibari tea is greatly appreciated in Japan.  One of Makaibari’s very special visitors, Serena, recently wrote to us that during her yoga training class in Italy, she met Elisa who worked closely with Orto dei Sogni and they decided to include Makaibari in their 2014 Summer program with the children:

I am writing to you after my experience with Japanese Kids in Sardegna with the association Orto dei Sogni…it has been the most beautiful experience in my life!  The children used to have Makaibari tea every morning…I did teach them how to prepare it properly and I did explain to them where it comes from, showing your plantations online!  Thank you for your support…all of us appreciated!  Dear Mr. Rajah, I really hope to see your fields very very soon travelling to Makaibari!

Makaibari tea leaves with hand-made packets

Makaibari tea leaves with hand-made packets

Fukushima children with Italian hosts

Fukushima children with Italian hosts


Learning to prepare Makaibari tea properly

Learning to prepare Makaibari tea properly

Starting each day right with Makaibari tea and a great breakfast

Starting each day right with Makaibari tea and a great breakfast


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We Love Customer Feedback!


At least once a year, we survey our Tea Room customers for their opinion.  We ask them all kinds of things – do they have a Loyalty Card, do they know we cater, how often do they visit, do they know we have a website?  Some of the answers are what we expected but some were eye-openers and help us make changes.

Here are the highlights from our most recent survey:

  •  15% of our customers visit us once a week.  About 40% visit us once a month.
  • Nearly 70% come for Lunch while 30% come for a Scone or Dessert.  Just about everyone orders a pot of Tea.
  • We were delighted to know that 65% of our respondents already carried our Loyalty Card.
  • Although a significant number knew we had a website, our other online presence was less familiar – Facebook, Blog.
  • 20% said they had no interest in our online presence – which is fine with us – we love seeing you in person!
  • Not too many customers knew about our Catering, Private Party opportunities or Small Group Tea Tastings.
  • We got high marks for cleanliness and quality of service.
  • 90% of our Customers said they would have no hesitation in recommending us to others.

We love hearing from you whether through our Survey, our Comment Cards which are always at the Tea Room, in person or via e-mail.

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