What is Tea?

DragonwellFor all those who have been requesting a hard copy of the 1-page primer on Tea we included in our January newsletter, here is a copy you can download.   One of our aims this year is to disseminate knowledge on Tea.  Not only are you, our customers, requesting this but with heightened media focus on Tea, it is important to separate the myths from the facts.  Next week we will be sending out a Newsletter on how to select a tea.  This is for everyone who is overwhelmed with the vast choice in teas and has difficulty figuring out how to branch out and try something new.  In a couple of weeks, we will also be asking your opinion on which new teas to add and perhaps even ask you to name them!  Stay tuned.

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Fans of our Shopping Bag

silver tips shopping bagHeard from an appreciative customer today.  He is a great fan of our Makaibari 2nd flush and we sent him one of our Silver Tips shopping bags with his most recent order:

Many thanks for the anniversary shopping bag.  I certainly needed another one, but most of them are so garish, I don’t want to be seen with them.  This gives me an opportunity to sing the praises of Silver Tips tea to fellow tea lovers.

Thanks for letting us know, Bill.  We love the bag too and use it all the time.

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Tea around the World

cups of teaWe’re all creatures of habit and we tend to stick to them.  So too with our Tea.  If you wake up with an Assam or Breakfast tea, chances are you’ll never think to change it to a Green Tea.  But the world has millions of tea drinkers and they differ significantly in their tea drinking habits.  Here’s a great look at Tea traditions all around the world, wonderfully covered by the UK Tea & Infusions Association.

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How Not to Drink Green Tea

j0438869This was in my inbox this morning from one of our loyal customers who sends us newsworthy items on Tea:

Dunkin Donuts, it seems, is pushing tea;  but not to worry.  I went in with a promotional ad about their tea month “events” and was offered “green” or “black tea” in response to my question about their tea selections.  When I said Green, they asked if I wanted it with milk!  Enough said.

Proves the old adage taught very early in every MBA program – Stick To Your Knitting.  Thanks for sending this in, Joe.

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Take our Tea Quiz!

quiz 2

Our aim this year is to provide more information on Tea – its variety, its history, the myths, the benefits.  We’re doing this through monthly newsletters, games, quizzes and as much participation as we can generate.  Here’s the first quiz of the year.  We’ve kept it fairly easy so you can get into the spirit of it and win some free Tea.  We plan to select the winners on February 2 so you have a couple of weeks.  At the end of the quiz, we’ve provided a choice of 4 teas and you can select the one you would like should you win.

  • 1st prize:  8 oz. of Tea & a copy of our favorite book on Tea, “Serendipitea”.
  • 2nd prize:  4 oz. of Tea.
  • 3rd prize:  2 oz. of Tea.

Click here to take the Quiz now!


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