Last call – Name our new Teas!

what's in a nameWe did a first review of the names we’ve received so far and my, oh my, did we get a bunch!  We grouped them in three categories – Winners, Definite Maybe’s and No Go’s.  Then we whittled down them further and short-listed them to 3 for each tea.  We have some place-holders for now and will probably re-sample one of the teas tomorrow to get a fresh recall of the taste.  Meanwhile, here’s your last chance to get in on the action.  We are still accepting submissions so go ahead, make us proud (and win some Free Tea).  March 6th is the deadline – you still have 2 full days to give us your suggestions.  And if tomorrow turns out to be a snow day, here’s something that can keep you busy.



If it’s Tuesday, it must be Sam’s Club

dog meditatingIf the weather is decent, Tuesday mornings I go to Sam’s Club to get our weekly supplies and then deliver them to the Tea Room.  It gives me a chance to get to talk to my staff and get some business done in person before they open.  Sam’s Club can be an adventure on any day but I try to avoid the shenanigans by going early during ‘Business Club’ hours when there are mostly businesses and restaurants doing their purchasing. But you never know what awaits you.  This morning, every parking spot close to the entrance was taken and the only two that were open had shopping carts occupying the space.  This is one of my pet peeves.  I took a deep breath and rolled them into the cart parking areas and started my day.

When I was done, I found myself at the register behind a customer with a very heavily-loaded cart.  We all buy for businesses so this is commonplace but the cash register malfunctioned right then.  Again, I have a restaurant so I’ve been here too.  I stay calm and decide to use the time to delete e-mails on my phone.  The woman behind me comments on how well I’m taking this.  I explained to her that when I come to Sam’s, I deliberately come with a purposeful zen-like calm because just about everything there is out of my control and I used to become very stressed until I learned to let it go.  We got to talking and she left me with her mantra:  Keep actively calm and calmly active. I pass it along to all of you – that is powerful.

Question on Makaibari Silver Tips

MB SILVER TIPS 2013 AUTUMNALHere’s a whole world of education through one customer’s e-mail:

I received some Makaibari Silver Tips SKU 3200 from a friend.  It was ordered from your store.  It is delicious!  But I am curious, is this tea from 2014?  And also from your web site, it looks like a white tea – can you confirm this?  How long can i keep the tea if it is in its original package?  Should I put it in a tin?

Let’s answer this in detail:

Yes, this is from 2014.  The 2015 season has not yet begun and even when it does, Makaibari Silver Tips is not necessarily manufactured with early Spring tea.  The ones we obtain are from mid to late season. Tea season in Darjeeling is from March – November. Yes, this is a white tea with minimal processing.  Tea can keep for well over a year if stored correctly – away from light, air and moisture.  It isn’t necessary that it be transferred from our triple-insulated bags to a canister but it won’t hurt it if it is.  

Customer Comments on Naming our New Teas

IMG_1469Still a week to go before we make our decision.  If you haven’t participated, here’s your chance to name 3 of our new teas.  We also asked for comments and here’s a sampling:

  • From one of our international friends:  If I win you can donate my prize…this was a great idea, enjoyed doing this so must have others and I’m sure you’ve got lots of great name options!
  • Silver Tips is so cool!
  • I had great fun thinking of names.
  • Love, Love the Tea Room!
  • Fun and Challenging!  Thank you!
  • Since I started ordering online, I haven’t been going to see you and I miss Silver Tips.
  • Excited to try them all.  This was fun!  Thanks.
  • They all sound delicious!
  • I know.  I am not very imaginative!

I must say the collection of names received so far is quite impressive and we will definitely select from those.  So come on, play along!