Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Tea

IMG_1640I was honored to have been invited by the local chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority yesterday to talk on Tea at their monthly meeting.  This Sorority had its beginnings in 1908 and is rooted in service and professional development of each of its members.  It was an impressive gathering of 50-60 members and I had the opportunity to tell them about the background and origin of tea and salient points such as how to steep loose leaf tea, how to store, and the differences between various teas.  They were a great crowd and their questions were right on the mark:

  • What is Chai – is that tea?
  • Do all Teas have benefits – both hot and iced?
  • What about Sarsaparilla – is that Tea?  (No!).
  • How long does Tea last?
  • Is Honey better than Sugar?
  • Can you add milk?
  • What about Rooibos?

I left them with an invitation to visit Silver Tips Tea Room and gave each a coupon to a FREE pot of Tea.  Thanks for inviting me, Sandra!  And if any of you wish to have us come and give your group a short Tea presentation with or without a Tea Sampling, please contact us at

Tea – a diabetes-smart substitution

The New York Times reported in this week’s Nutrition section that a recent study in Diabetologia indicated that substituting just one serving a day of water or unsweetened tea or coffee for a serving of a soft drink or dairy beverage sweetened by sugar, can significantly reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes. Over 25,000 British men and women ages 40 – 79 were studied.  Beverages tracked were soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juice and sweetened milk drinks like hot chocolate and milk shakes. They found that each additional 5% of total calories from sweetened drinks raised the risk of diabetes by 18%.  Senior author, Dr. Nita G. Forouhi of the University of Cambridge said, “…here we have some solutions for what good replacement drinks are:  water and unsweetened tea and coffee”.  One word of caution – tea here means Black, Green, Oolong, White.  It does not include chamomile, peppermint, lemongrass or other herbs. Hear, hear.

Winners of our Recent Contest

winnersWe invited you to tell us why you would miss one of the teas we phased out last month to make room for our new selections. We promised to pick our 3 favorite responses and 8 ounces of that tea would be yours for FREE. Thanks for all the submissions and here is our favorite:

Boston Tea Party:  Don’t toss it in the harbor!  Don’t toss it off the Silver Tips tea list!  We want to keep tossing this flavorful blend into our teapot!

Nicely said, Trish.  We will be contacting you and the other 2 winners and getting your 8 ounces of FREE tea to you.  For all those still pining for one of those teas, they are available online and some are still available at the Tea Room at a 50% discount.  Just this morning while I was at the Tea Room, a couple came in and ordered Prelude to Bliss, one of those we had phased out which we still had, so they were happy!  Fair warning – get them while you can.

Geeky Gals Get Together at Silver Tips

geek gals 2I discovered late last Saturday that we were going to start Sunday morning with a group of 18.   It turned out to be our good friend Chris introducing our Tea Room to yet more friends.  We received a lovely report from her today:

My meetup group Westchester Geeks organizes the occasional brunch for only the women members, known as “Geeky Gals Get Together”. Last brunch we met at Silver Tips and had a great time, although several members had trouble picking which tea (and which dessert) to have, as there were so many great choices. We always need to pick a place with vegan options, which was one of the (many) reasons I suggested Silver Tips.  One of our group leaders said, “Chris has eaten here like a hundred times” to which I replied, “more like a couple of thousand.” =)  Anyhow,  Anna took our group photo outside (attached) and everyone loved the scones.  Hope you’re well.  Love the new “French Quarter” tea.

Thanks for the great picture, Chris!  As for French Quarter – this is one of our new teas – Black tea with Mango, Blackcurrant and Bergamot flavors with a sprinkling of Linden Blossoms and Lemon Verbena.  Very fragrant and flavorful.