Labor Day Closing

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We’re taking a few days off – please come in before then!

OPEN all week Monday, Aug. 31 through Friday, September 4.

CLOSED Saturday through Tuesday, September 5th through 8th.

Re-opening for Breakfast, Wednesday, September 9th at 9.30 am.


Quiche added to our Breakfast Menu

Goat Cheese with Herbs Breakfast Quiche

We began our Breakfast service about a month ago and it’s so gratifying to see the support we’ve been given by both new and our regular customers.  It seems this has also provided convenience to so many who had been unable to get their Loose Leaf Tea during our prior shorter business hours.  Additionally, we’ve been getting some nice coverage from local press.  Today, our friends at WAG magazine sent us a link to their article.  A big thanks to them and to the Hudson Independent for spreading the word.  We just added Quiche to the Breakfast Menu in addition to our Croissant Sandwiches.  And it’s still a novelty for us to serve a cup of Coffee…although Tea continues to dominate by a wide margin!  Come in for Breakfast – Monday to Friday, 9.30 – 11 am!

Customers loving 2015 Makaibari

CIMG0130We have some die-hard fans of Makaibari.  They check our website daily to see if the new harvest is in.  They write us e-mails asking when the air freight is arriving.  They pre-order.  This year it seems we are receiving even more praise for Makaibari than in years past.  Here are two comments:

Hello Anupa, the flavor is so exquisite and unique this year on the first flush, that it reminds me of the very first one I had up in the Himalayas at Makaibari on my trip.  Is it just the lot you sent or is it the whole crop this year that is so exceptional?

I received my tea order this morning and cupped it.  I have to say the quality of this year’s Makaibari Estate 2nd flush is exquisite.  I opened the bag and was immediately struck by the complexity of the dry leaf and the amount of silver tips.  It is difficult for me to describe the various subtle notes.  Let it suffice to say this is a sophisticated tea which has more notes than a symphony orchestra.  It is one of the better Makaibari 2nd flush teas I can remember.  One of the many complex notes I am picking up on is reminiscent of an Assam Golden Tips tea I once experienced, a hint of honey?  Does that make any sense? 

We agree – this year’s crop continues to amaze us.  I select the very best lots for air freight.  The 1st flush is DJ 36/15 and the 2nd flush is DJ 196/15.  We are always ready to share provenance on our teas – it provides authenticity and you know you’re getting the real thing.  Keep your comments coming and enjoy Makaibari – drink the best!  All Makaibari teas are certified Organic, Biodynamic and Fair Trade.

Tea – Good for your Heart

The Harvard Medical School has added their voice in lauding the benefits of Tea. In a recent edition of their Harvard Heart Letter, they reiterated our mantra-  “Drink tea if you enjoy it, in moderation, and not because you’re taking it as a medicine”.  Exactly.  They pointed out that it improves vascular activity and lowers blood pressure and harmful cholesterol.  They further cautioned against tea extracts and sugary bottled tea.  Here’s our advice – Stay with Tea in its simplest loose leaf form and make sure it’s Black, Green, Oolong or White.